Synapsely is an organization dedicated to the research and spreading awareness of nootropics, pharmaceuticals and supplements used to better the lives of those who suffer from cognitive issues, mental illness and the disease called aging. We strive to provide open access to information and break down barriers in the way of progress. We are against paywalls and nasty marketing tricks to get people to buy products. We won’t try to sell you products, only honest reviews and recommendations. Only real and truthful information is provided whether it’s studied or anecdotal. We won’t sugar coat it for you.

Who runs Synapsely?

Zach created Synapsely in 2020 after wishing there was a site that provided detailed and organized information on nootropics to the masses for free. As a sufferer of cognitive and motivational issues, he found it troubling that many sites provide biased information and attempted to sell their ‘guides’ for profit. Zach believes in open access to information and adheres to the open source ideology. While Zach has no formal background in scientific research, he reads studies and learns about nootropics in his free time. Professionally, Zach is a Linux systems administrator who has a deep interest in privacy, security and open source.

How are we funded?

We’re funded by advertisements that display on the site, referral links and donations. We do not sponsor companies or products for money or anything else.